Tinkering with ‘ALL’ and ‘None’ in Titles

I named this blog Tableau Tinkering because tinkering is what I do when answering most Forum questions. I suspect most of us do. Many forum posts are questions describing very specific needs, that aren’t out-of-the-box obvious, or necessarily easy to do. In tinkering around trying to come up with an answer, I sometimes come across quirky Tableau behavior. It’s probably only ‘quirky’ to my way of thinking, and Tableau has a perfectly legitimate reason for behaving the way it does. But I find the following behavior a bit odd….

Aaron Tee posted a question today asking about the ‘ALL’ result that can show up when we insert a field into a title. If you use fields in Titles (or captions) you’ve probably come across this. Here was Aaron’s basic set up:

All v None

The basic problem he was having was if he unchecked the (All) box in the filter, so no items were showing, the count in the title would change to ALL:

All v None - 2

He wanted to change the ‘All’ to a zero. I tinkered with many different ways to attack the issue, and finally came up with a reasonable option. I never did get a zero to show, but I did find that Tableau can be forced (encouraged) to display a ‘None’ instead of an ‘All’ when the viz is empty.

Let’s cut to the chase, here’s the solution:


Putting a SIZE() table calc on BOTH the Filter shelf and the Detail shelf and setting the compute using to Item1 (in this case), will get Tabeau to switch from ‘All’ to ‘None’ when no filter option is selected. Care must be taken, because if you only put the SIZE() calc on one of the shelves, then the title won’t change as expected.

Overall, it’s a bit of a quirky solution, but possibly useful in certain circustances.

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